The skin due to cosmetics and tips for preventing disorders

These are the problems that arise from the use of cosmetics:
1. Acne.
Prolonged use of cosmetics can cause pores in the skin become blocked and inflamed. Several other theories also mentions the use of cosmetics can interfere with the excretion of the facial skin that allows bacteria p. acne to multiply. Some types of cosmetics that cause acne are vulnerable: cream Foundation (cream powder Foundation) and the night.

2. Put in contact with irritants dermatitis
Not everyone has the skin with the same durability. For some people, a cosmetic can be used safely while for others these cosmetics can cause skin irritation, red and hot. Some of the products that often cause irritant contact dermatitis include: whitening creams, facial cleansers, hair cat, and hair spray.

3. Allergic contact dermatitis
The symptoms almost similar to the dermatitis, irritant contact, this disorder does not arise in all users of these cosmetic products. Some people are very sensitive to certain products cosmetics will cause these allergic reactions occur much faster than the dermatitis, irritant contact and intense itching and the resultant heat of the most powerful. Some of the products causing allergic contact dermatitis often include perfumes, Hairspray, paint hair and sunscreen.

4 Melesma
Melesma is a disorder of pigmentation that can arise from long-term cosmetics use. Front patients will be brown spots missing difficult. Products that often cause disorders of skin whitening products, especially those containing hydroquinone

5 Hypo pigmentation
Hypopigmentation was seen as skin colour is brighter than the surrounding skin. Some people would be a mistake to expect that fungal diseases. The mechanism of hypopigmentation is not fully known. However, the assumed long term use of cosmetics may affect the production of melanocytes cells of melamine so that skin color is not the same. Products that often are caused melesma time more whitening products, especially those with hidroquin.

Here are some tips so you can avoid skin diseases that I mentioned earlier
1 Cosmetic make sure that it uses safe and reliable certificate from the Department of health. Be careful with the false brands, as well, and buy from a trusted site.
2. The use of cosmetics to adapt it to your skin. Ask your dermatologist Council if you have any doubts about cosmetics that you choose.
3. Do not attempt a new brand directly to the face. He experimented with a new brand of cosmetics that you've never used before this in your hands. Stop use if redness occurs your hand.

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